About me

My name is Andrey Plaksin. I was born on May 3rd in Frunze town (modern Bishkek) in Kyrgyzstan, it is a small and nice, not very rich country, that used to be part of the USSR the years ago. I graduated from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Specialization Marketing, and advertising. Since June 2000 has started learning 3ds Max personally. It was 3d Studio MAX R3 release.


Professional activity

I'm beta-tester of 3ds Max since 2010. At the same time, I became a member of Autodesk CIS. Since December 2012 I got Autodesk Expert Elite status. A lot of times I was a speaker at Autodesk's Events and CG Event.


Published a book that describes 3d-visualization in 3ds max using mental ray engine for rendering. The first release was in 2012, the second one in 2015. I taught  3d-modeling and visualization classes for students MGU, Infographics and New Media faculty from September 2012 to August 2014. Now I teach students and designers for 3d in person or online. I do consulting for resolving the problems or make advice on how to achieve the client's goals in architecture visualization, interior projects mostly. I used to conduct webinars. I'm blogging on LifeJournal source, I write different posts on it.

Additional activities
Since June 2015, I have been working on my project for the reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian tomb of Queen Nefertari in 3D. I am engaged in the study of the hieroglyphic Egyptian language and Egyptology in general for the exact scientific justification of the reconstruction. Collaborate with the National Geographic Museum in the temporary exhibition Queens of Egypt, USA. Periodically I conduct general education lectures and seminars on the history of the project, its reconstruction and the problems of preserving the architectural monument of world significance. I have been a member of ICOM since December 2019.


On free time I do sports and produce my own project in egyptology - The tomb of Nefertari 3d-reconstruction of architectural, cultural and art monument of Ancient Egypt. Also, I learn ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and writings.